Nutritional Supplements

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Village Compounding Pharmacy also provides various over the counter nutritional support that you may not find in a traditional pharmacy setting. As we age, our body depletes itself of very important nutrients. Many symptoms can appear from this occurrence. Therefore we need to add or “supplement” back these very important vitamins. Also, when taking other medication, you may be unaware that essential vitamins are being depleted by ingesting these medications. Below is a list of some of the vitamins we carry:

  • Spectrazyme, A very comprehensive Digestive Enzyme Formula to aid in healthy digestion of protein, dairy, sugar, and fats. Enzymes are critical in getting the best nutritional benefits from the foods we eat.
  • Adrenal Rebuilder and Adrenal Stress Formula. These products work together to protect you from stress by healing and supporting your adrenal glands.
  • Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids. Essential building block for human cell function. It provides the easiest and most effective way to get this vital nutrient.
  • Floragen, a high potency acidophilus is especially effective for restoring and maintaining a healthy, comfortable balance of vaginal flora. It is also beneficial for overall intestinal health and maintaining the immune system.
  • Floragen3, a unique blend of three probiotic cultures and is highly effective for restoring and maintaining gastrointestinal health and supporting the immune system. It is also beneficial to vaginal flora.


The nervous system contains important chemical messengers called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are necessary for emotions, sleep, energy, fear, and thought processes. The nervous system can be disrupted by stress, poor diet, toxic chemicals, infections and genetics.

Here at Village Compounding Pharmacy, we carry a line of uniquely formulated products, Neuroscience, which addresses imbalances in the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. Neuroscience, in partnership with Pharmasan Labs, provides a simple, at home urine test, to reveal lab results, of any imbalances to these systems. A complete personalized treatment plan will be provided with your results.

Feel free to stop in and ask questions regarding the Neuroscience product line. You can also visit their web site at